GUNS Refund

Please proceed with the following steps to receive a 100% refund for your GUNS tokens (1 ETH per 1000 GUNS).

NOTE: We do not provide refunds for anything less than 10 GUNS. The ETH gas fee would cost more than the refund for anything less.

Step 1: Send Your GUNS to the Refund Address

Send your GUNS tokens to the refund address "0x4a6825Be835b31C83cdc311AdE00007fa7C88881".

Note: If you are unfamiliar with Ethereum tokens, you may need to add the ability to detect GUNS tokens to your wallet, they will usually ask you three questions about the token. Below are the details regarding the GUNS token ...

Contract Symbol: GUNS
Contract Decimals: 18
Contract Address: 0x2CA72c9699b92b47272c9716c664cAD6167c80B0

Step 2: Get Your Transaction Hash

When you send your GUNS tokens, a transaction will occur on the Ethereum blockchain. This transaction will have an identifying hash that corresponds with this transaction. Most Ethereum wallets will provide you with this transaction hash, if not, you can always go to, look up your account address, and see the transaction hash in your transfer history.

Step 3: Send Us Your Transaction Hash

Using the form below, type/paste in your transaction hash and submit the form.

Do not send us anything other than the transaction hash. If you send just your account address or any other address, we will not process the refund. We must have the hash in order to verify you sent the actual GUNS tokens to the refund address.

Refund Address to Send Your GUNS To:


Transaction Hash: